Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything I said yesterday... but in video song form.

Videography by Elizabeth Laing.
Shot in a parking lot in Wells BC. This morning. Temperature: -20c.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Perhaps it is nostalgia. Am I old enough for that?
I remember a time when it wasn't embarrassing to live in Canada. When we didn't run around ruining climate conferences. When things like transferring foreign detainees to be tortured was something just America got caught doing. When 'prorogue' wasn't a word. I'm not saying it was ever perfect. Lets not romanticize. We may never have been swimming in a sea of dignity, but it feels like we've been sailing on the Edmund Fitzgerald of electoral competence for some time now.

At least political scandals of the past had some class and pizazz. Remember Trudeau on the steps telling a terrified young reporter's tape recorder to 'just watch him'. What sass! An all out rejection of the avoid-it-and-it-will-go-away mentality of our current political leadership. And how about Nixon's over-wrought declaration that he was not a criminal. Even recent contenders like Bill Clinton managed to face degrading situations and still come out with personality.

Perhaps that is it. Personality. I can't say I've ever really believed too deeply in any of the plain-suited-men in the corridors of parliamentary power, but I'm certain that this country used to have some personality. So even when we were screwing up - which we were - we were doing it in a manner that left a legacy more compelling than smooth roads, crass-avoidance, and dull gray photographs of leaders with spoons for heads.

Here's a witty video of me performing a song with most of my favourite songwriters.