Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dear Poets: Upcoming (Gulf) Islands Tour, what my friends have to say, and life is magic.

Dear Poets,

Time files, doesn't it? One day you wake up and its been months since you Tetris-packed your amps and guitars and snare drums and setlists into a Toyota of one kind or another to put some KMs under your discount tires, stopping each evening to greet old friends or peek around unfamiliar corners in hopes of luring in some new ones. No wonder you've been feeling so restless. It's time for a change. 

Everything changes. There's no way around that. 

The last months have been all writing and moving and learning. Climbing for the peak of something I can't see for all the clouds up there. Scary stuff. Wonderful stuff. 

The short version, which I'll stick to today, is that I'm teaming up with my old friend (and fiddle/banjo/mandolin player extroidinaire) Adam Iredale-Gray (of Fish & BirdFiddle Head Studios, producer of my latest record No One Will Remember You) and heading out on a duo-tour of Vancouver, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands. I'll put those few dates right now below. I'd sure love to see you. Dig deep!


A few quick things, though, before the show dates. No. 1 - It happens to be festival application season. It's going to be a big year, and I'm amping up the applications like never before. If you're somewhere that has a festival, and you'd like the band to swing by your corner of the western world, let them know! And let me know! It would be a big help. 


No. 2 - Sometimes people ask me what I'm listening to these days. I have an answer. And I'm excited to tell you about it. It's a great pleasure to tell you about some wonderful friends who have put out amazing new records, or who are seeking your help to do so. I'm bursting with joy and I will try to be brief, but it's a challenge to hold back my thoughts about these things. I'm overjoyed just thinking about having the opportunity to tell you about it:

Longtime comrade Corbin Murdoch spent the last year circling the world (almost literally) seeking answers to questions he never told me about. When he arrived back in Canada, he spent two months in the bafflingly spectacular town of Bruno, SK, writing his next record, which will be called Ode To Joy. The songs he's written are among the best songs I've heard, and his ambitions for the recording are huge. To help make it happen, he's released a fundraising EP with two songs that I think you'll love. Expecially Mythmaker. Wow. Drop by his fundraising site for details. It is worth your time and money. 

Jenny Ritter (formerly of BC-based band The Gruff) has just recently put out her long awaited solo album Bright Main Land. She made this record in the same Mayne Island studios where I made No One Will Remember You, with a few of the same folks (including Lucas Goetz of Deep Dark Woods and Ryan Boeur of Fish & Bird). You know how much I love it when people who make great folk music aren't afraid of doing it with guts, heart, and noise. Buy it. You won't regret it. If you regret it, which is impossible, I promise to mail you something amazing for free. 

My good friend and sometimes tour-mate Karyn Ellis is also raising funds to make her newest record, which will be called More Than A Hero. I was standing right there beside her when she wrote the title track, and everyone present knew it was a force to be reckoned with.  To make the record, she's travelling from the safety of BC's interior to the treacherous streets of Toronto, ON, where' she's teaming up with some amateur named Don Kerr (who has played with, produced, and studio hosted folks like the Rheostatics, Ron Sexmith, and Jason Collett. Whatever) to make this hit factory happen. Help her raise the funds to make it all go down smooth here:

A ways back I told you that James Lamb had digitally released his album Imagineering. I gushed and gushed about him. If you forget, what I said was: "He remains my favourite musician on planet earth. He tells the kind of stories that float effortlessly and secretly between the concrete and the surreal. He tackles metaphors like he's chasing buffalo off of a cliff." Some guy called Dan Mangan says that James " a methodical, thoughtful and delightful songwriter and performer." His album is finally coming out on proper, tactile disc. Find out all about it on his website. Please. 


Oh My! - Thanks for sticking around. You've warmed my heart with your attention span. I hope you get all the rest that you need in order to make everything you hope for happen. I could drink a case of you. Here's a few upcoming show dates links to facebook (fb) events provided. When I'm done these few shows I'm heading to Mayne Island to start demo-ing a new record. Wish me luck. Tell your friends. Keep warm and dry, poets. 

The most up-to-date show info is always at

Tuesday, Nov. 27th
Vancouver, BC
Pacific Theatre (fb)
With David Simard
and Brie Nielson
Wednesday Nov. 28th
Victoria, BC
House Show (fb)
Email for details
Duo tour with
Thursday, Nov. 29th
Denman Island, BC
House Show (fb)
Email for details
Duo tour with
Friday, Nov. 30th
Hornby Island, BC
House Show (fb)
Email for details
Duo tour with
Saturday, Dec. 1st
Glenora, BC
(Near Duncan)
House Show (fb)
Email for details
Duo tour with

I will die for your love, Poets,

Good Night,

David Newberry, Music

phone: 604 910 5112

studio-live performance of 'Hold On':

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